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Chairman Xiao Visits Cambodia and Thailand to Carry out Economic & Trade Activities

       In the context of the Silk Road Economic Belt, Xiao Yulong (Chairman of SFETIC) and Ma Jinsuo (Vice General Manager of Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd., a joint stock company) along with the Shaanxi Economic & Trade Delegation organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Sub-Council visited Cambodia and Thailand to carry out projects investigation and consultation activities during a period from March 23, 2016 to March 31, 2016 at the invitation of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce and SME Economic & Trade Development Association of Royal Thai Government with the intent to promote the Maritime Silk Road, seize opportunities from China-Cambodia and China-Thailand cooperation and proactively expand “overseas market for enterprises in Shaanxi”, and they also attended several B2B forums.  
       During these tightly scheduled business talks, the Shaanxi Economic & Trade Delegation visited Cambodian Khmer Pools Welfare Lottery Co., Ltd. and China-Cambodia Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, and attended investment cooperation and project negotiation activities held in Bangkok and Chiengmai, Thailand, respectively. During the visit, the Delegation made a courtesy call on officials of the Department of Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. It also negotiated and communicated with ASEAN Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce, Cambodian Dadi Energy Research and Development Co., Ltd., International-Thai Business Association, Thai Traditional Medicine Association, SME Association in Thailand and KORKOD KHANONGNUCH, and signed cooperation agreements for relevant cooperation projects.  
       Chairman Xiao addressed each meeting to introduce advantages of the Group’s operation segments, and negotiated in detail with foreign guests and merchants for relevant projects, and hoped both parties would play conducive roles in promoting in-depth cooperation of trade and manufacturing-type enterprises in Shaanxi Province in Cambodia and Thailand market by leveraging on complementary advantages, the Group’ project information, legal aid, tax policies and local sharing platform marked by facilitation services.
       The visit paid by Chairman Xiao along with the Shaanxi Economic & Trade Delegation is conducive to information communication and mutual understanding between the Group and Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Comprehensive Service Platform and relevant governments and enterprises in Cambodia and Thailand. This is an important manifestation of implementing the One Belt and One Road strategy, carrying out overseas resource development, and achieving new progress in accordance with the “Go globally” strategy by the Group while increasing its brand awareness in overseas market.
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