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Our Group Ranks on Top 100 Enterprises in Shaanxi for Three Consecutive Years
       Recently, a good news came from Shaanxi Enterpriser Association that our Group gets on the shortlist of the top 100 enterprises in Shaanxi Province for the third consecutive year, ranking 50th.
       The evaluation and election of top 100 enterprisesin 2015 in Shaanxi is instructed by the provincial government leadership and led by the Shaanxi Enterpriser Association. In Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Office of Financial Services, SASAC, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics and other departments, the ranking is decided in accordance with the international general ranking priciple, ranking method of the top 500 enterprises in China and business income of 2014 of the enterprise.
       In 2014, under the joint efforts of the leaders and employees, our Group implemented the strategy of “improving economic performance by enhanced quality and seek development by transformation” of Provincial Party Committee. Fully implement the work arrangement of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and Shaanxi Provincial SASAC. Actively respond to the new situstion of the market and the new operating conditions, and go all out to obtaim steady growth. Our Group has achieved the business income of more than RMB 4.304 billion Yuan. Compared with RMB 3.877 billion Yuan in the same period of last year, it maintains a good momentum of sustainable and healthy development.
       Looking back in 2013, our Group ranked 58th of the top 100 enterprise in Shaanxi. During three years, all leaders and employees reformed with keen determination and kept forging ahead under the leadership of leading groups. Therefore, the economic scale of the enterprise continued to expand; the management improved continuously; the economic efficiency enhanced significantly; the income for employee growed steadily; the development quality of the enterprise significantly improved; the strength and social influence of enterprise have further enhanced; and the ranking in the top 100 enterprises also went forward to 50th. These achievements have not only contained the painstaking efforts and wisdom of leading groups at all levels, but also contained the hard work and efforts of the leaders and employees.
       The upcoming 2016 is the beginning year of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” and the deepen reform year for state-owned enterprises. All leaders and employees of our Group will greet the broader space for development and bright prospects with a high sense of responsibility and mission. They will actively unite their strength to do a good job in “One Belt and One Road” and add power for the export-oriented development of our province.
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